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Problem setting. The functioning and development of any state is impossible without studying and obtaining statistical data on its population, economy, finances, and political situation. Ukraine, as a young state in terms of sovereign development, needs statistical research to strengthen its scientific knowledge in sociology, political science and other sciences that shape public policy. Legal relations in the field of state statistics are regulated by the Law of Ukraine «On State Statistics» № 2614 – XII of September 17, 1992, as amended.
For decades, state statistics has been and remains the most developed system for providing information, and its topics cover almost all aspects of public life. Transport statistics studies the mass economic phenomena that represent the result of the transport process and the conditions (factors) of its implementation in specific conditions of place and time. The formation of a modern system of statistical analysis of the development and activity of the transport industry is especially relevant in the current conditions of Ukraine’s development.
Recent research and publication analysis. Some theoretical and practical aspects of the problem of forming a modern system of statistical analysis of the transport industry have been covered by such scientists as O. Kotlubay [2], B. Burkinskyi [2], H. Nykolayenko [3] and other scientists.
The analysis of the transport potential of Ukraine is contained in the researches of such scientists as V. Volikov [4], V. Vdovychenko [4], Yu. Mokhova [5], O. Trubey [6], V. Chuta [6] and others.
Despite the significant number of publications on this issue, the problem of developing modern analytical and statistical support for the transport industry needs further development. Statistics daily face new important problems regarding the theoretical substantiation of the
volume and structure of statistical information, which would correspond to modern and perspective conditions of economic development, transition to functional principles of management.
Paper objective. Substantiation of theoretical and methodological bases of analytical and statistical support of transport sphere management in Kharkiv region.
Paper main body. Statistics allows you to identify and measure patterns of development of socio-economic phenomena and processes, the relationship between them. Knowledge of patterns is possible only if we study not individual phenomena, but a set of phenomena – because the patterns of public life are fully manifested only in the mass of phenomena.
The methodology of statistical analysis consists of the following stages: determining the sequence of procedures; selection and justification of indicators; determination of calculation methods; interpretation of results and development of recommendations for improving the quality of transport activities.
Transport actively influences the process of reproduction, unites all sectors of the economy into a single complex, is an integral part of the productive forces. The transport complex of Kharkiv region is represented by such types of transport as railway, automobile, aviation, city electric (including the subway). A necessary condition for the development of the transport sector of the Kharkiv region is to increase investment activity.
Statistical analysis of the transport sector of the Kharkiv region suggests that the region has significant potential and prospects for economic growth.
In ensuring the high quality and culture of service of recipients of transport services, a significant role belongs to the legal regulation of the transport complex.
Legislation on road transport consists of the Road Transport Code of Ukraine, the laws of Ukraine «On Transport», «On Road Traffic» and other regulations of Ukraine. Public administration in the field of transport must ensure: timely, complete and high-quality satisfaction of the needs of the population and social production in transportation and the needs of Ukraine’s defense; protection of citizens’ rights during their transport services; safe operation of transport; observance of the necessary rates and proportions of development of the national transport system; protection of economic interests of Ukraine and legitimate interests of enterprises and organizations of transport and consumers of transport services; creation of equal conditions for the development of economic activity of transport enterprises; restriction of monopoly and development of competition; coordination of work of different types of transport; licensing of certain activities in the field of transport; protection of the environment from the harmful effects of transport.
The system of state regulation should be aimed at solving key tasks to improve the legislative and organizational framework for restructuring, accelerated development of transport infrastructure, the creation of a national network of international transport corridors in accordance with international standards.
To improve the statistical analysis of transport activities, increase the reliability of estimates of the state and development of the transport industry requires the solution of the following tasks: the elimination of duplication of the collection of statistical indicators based on forms of statistical observation; optimization of forms of statistical analysis for the transport complex; harmonization of state statistics with international standards; development of methods for assessing the efficiency of the transport complex; creation of a single information system based on primary statistical information and administrative data; the system of statistical indicators of the transport complex should be supplemented by indicators of efficiency of the Ministry of Transport of Ukraine.
Conclusions. The analysis of the information base of state statistics allows us to conclude that the current practice of formation and dissemination of consolidated indicators does not exhaust all the possibilities of initial information. The tasks of improving those forms of statistical monitoring of the activities of various modes of transport and the introduction of new forms in practice remain relevant.
To improve the statistical monitoring of the activities of different modes of transport, increase the reliability of assessments of the state and development of the transport complex requires the solution of the following tasks: the elimination of duplication of the collection of statistical indicators; optimization of forms of statistical observation of the transport complex; harmonization of national state statistics with international standards; development of methods for assessing the efficiency of the transport complex; creation of a single information system based on primary statistical information and administrative data.
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Abstract. Theoretical principles of statistical activity, its functions, methods, and tools, organization at the national and international levels are determined. The modern methodical approach to the statistical reporting and the statistical analysis of activity of transport branch of the Kharkiv region is analyzed. The main problems of the organization of freight transportation by road are established. The imperfection of the modern regulatory framework and the existing obstacles to the quality of state statistical observations of entrepreneurscarriers are shown. Recommendations for improving the statistical analysis of road transport have been developed.


methodical approaches, statistical observation, information, normativelegal base, statistical reporting, statistical analysis, transport branch, transportation, motor transport.


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