Ethics of Scientific Publications Review

Ethics of the peer-review process

  1. The Editorial Board of the collection guarantees to carry out the independent peer-review of manuscripts, to provide honesty and objectivity of a conclusion regarding the scientific importance of a manuscript submitted for publication.
  2. In compliance with the policy of the collection, the Editorial Board sets a procedure of carrying out the peer-review of manuscripts submitted for publication.
  3. The Editorial Board guarantees to provide a transparent and properly organized process of the independent peer-review.
  4. If a manuscript is recognized as low-quality one or its topic does not fit the collection scope, the Editorial Board reserves the right to reject a manuscript, not carrying out the independent peer-review. The Editorial Board makes such a decision honestly and unbiasedly, taking into account the editorial policy of the collection.
  5. The Editorial Board involves independent peer reviewers in order to consider submitted manuscripts by choosing persons, who have gained appropriate experience and do not have interests that may conflict.
  6. The independent peer reviewers are aware of demands made of them. The peer reviewers are informed about any changes of the editorial policy.
  7. If the peer reviewers are uncertain about reliability of data or expediency of scientific paper publication, the Editorial Board enables an author to answer raised questions.
  8. The Editorial Board protects confidentiality of personal data belonged to anonymous peer reviewers.

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