Aims and scope

The mission of the collection of scientific paper is to provide equal opportunities for authors to publish their research results in economic and legal sciences and their free distribution among the scientific community in Ukraine and abroad.

The strategic objectives of the Editorial Board are:

– Integration the investigations by forming of new fields of knowledge as the economic theory of law, economic analysis of law and economic law, which open new possibilities for the development of the scientific research especially in modern economic and legal science;

– Promotion of modern economic and legal knowledge;

– Providing advice to doctoral, postgraduate students, and students, employees of government agencies and local governments, business people and managers;

– Activation of educational process in higher scholars; promoting the training of economists and lawyers of new generation – theoreticians and practitioners.

The priorities of editorial board are:

– Development of theoretical and applied researches of the legal economy in Ukraine and in the countries of EU, scientific approbation and dissemination of their results;

– Expansion of the authors of the journal through cooperation with scientists from Ukraine and abroad;

– Increasing the number of scientific articles published in English;

– Joining the European Association of Law and Economics;

– Indexing collection of scientific papers in international scientific-metric databases and registration in the libraries of the foreign countries;

– Preparation of the collection of scientific papers to the indexing in the international scientific-metric databases Scopus and Web of Science.

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