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Scientific discussions and reviews;

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2021-№4 (47)



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Scientific article

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The author has explored the relevance, theoretical substantiation, methodological and practical significance of the textbook «Economic Policy of the State», prepared by the team of authors of the Kiev National Trade and Economic University. The author has analyzed its content and structure, logic, scientific and methodological foundations of the presentation of educational material. It is determined the role of the textbook in the formation of students and citizens of Ukraine of economic thinking and scientific approaches to solving socio economic problems in the formation of an informationnetwork economic system. The author has reasoned the high assessment of the textbook and recommendations for its use by higher educational institutions in the educational process


economic policy, economic role and functions of the state, economic strategy and tactics of the state, institutional foundations of economic policy, principles of fiscal and monetary regulation, economic security, economic thinking, textbook.


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