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, PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Department of Economic Theory and Marketing, Belarus, Vitebsk

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Economic theory;

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2020 - № 2 (41)



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Scientific article

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Problem setting. International trade plays an extremely important role in the development of the world economy. In today’s socio-political context, it is relevant to study and analyze one of the important indicators of the country’s economic condition – the export and import of goods, especially for Ukraine, which is radically changing its economic policy.
Recent research and publication analysis. The problems of development and formation of foreign trade relations have been considered and developed in a number of scientific works: Ostashko T. O, Zhalba I. O. and Sobchuk N. V., Chernomaz P. A. and Chavalakh O. I., Pakhucha E. V., Filimonov Yu. L. and Leshchenko L. O., Antonyuk O., Antonyuk P. and Lisyuk V., Pavlyuk O. and Vinokurov Y., Soergel A.
Paper objective. The purpose of the article is to study the commodity structure of Ukraine’s foreign trade at the present stage of development of foreign economic relations. The object of study is the commodity structure of Ukraine’s international trade with countries of the world.
Paper main body. In today’s context, international trade plays an extremely important role in the development of both the world economy and the individual country.
The regularities of the modern stage of world trade development are: rapid growth of international trade in goods and services, uneven growth of international trade, synchronization of dynamics of world trade and world GDP, volatility of world commodity prices, increasing influence of globalization, concentration of flows of global trade, trade, and the rapid growth of world trade in services.
An analysis of the existing trends in Ukraine’s foreign trade relations indicates a significant change in the directions of Ukraine’s foreign trade in connection with the entry into force of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU. During the analyzed period, the structure of export and import commodity products remained almost unchanged. The dynamics of Ukraine’s foreign trade with the countries of the world intensified. The fact of reorientation of foreign trade relations of Ukraine was established – trade with EU and Asian countries was intensified.
As the agroindustrial complex makes a significant contribution to the foreign trade of Ukraine, the state of foreign trade operations of Ukraine by agroindustrial products is considered in detail. Priority direction of trade with Asian countries was established.
It is likely that the spread of the virus crown will have a negative impact on the development of world trade relations and foreign trade in Ukraine.
Conclusions. The considered commodity and geographical structure of export-import operations of Ukraine gives an opportunity to analyze the state of foreign trade in goods, to plan its development and to determine partnership relations.
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Abstract: Ukraine’s international trade should be focused on increasing exports of processed products and extending various services to foreign consumers. Increasing the level of processing of Ukrainian raw materials should be a priority direction for export development. The main measures to strengthen the position of domestic products in foreign markets are development of marketing infrastructure, state support and expansion of sources of financing, improvement of price relations for agricultural products and other sectors of the economy.


world trade, foreign trade relations, commodity products, export, import,trade liberalization.


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