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Problem setting. There is an urgent need to improve competition legislation through systematization and codification, despite a sufficient number of regulatory acts.
Recent research and publications analysis. H. Androshchuk, O. Bakalinska, O. Bezukh, Z. Borysenko, S. Valitov, O. Vozniuk, O. Kostusiev, R. Kuzmin, V. Lahutin, A. Medvediev, K. Totiev, T. Udalov, O. Chernelevska studied in the problems of the formation and development of competition law in Ukraine.
Paper objective. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the competition legislation at this stage and consider the stages of development of legislation in this area, the introduction of competitive relations, the creation of regulation and supervision bodies, and consider mechanisms for the practical application of competition law and the effectiveness of its impact on market relations, especially in the context of globalization of the world economy.
Paper main body. The formation of competitive legislation in Ukraine can be divided into two stages. The first stage begins with the adoption of the Law of Ukraine “On restriction of monopoly and prevention of unfair competition in entrepreneurial activity”. The next stage in the development of competition legislation is the Law of Ukraine “On the Protection of Economic Competition”. It defined the legal principles for supporting and protection of economic competition, limiting monopoly in economic activity, and ensuring conditions for the effective functioning of the Ukrainian economy. Today the competition law has a large number of legal acts.
Conclusions of the research. The state of modern national competition law requires a thorough revision of the mechanism of action and effectiveness of the functioning of competitive legislation in the conditions of globalization and openness of national markets, the creation customs unions and other forms of intergovernmental economic cooperation. It is necessary to form a new, more perfect and adapted to the world economy competitive legislation with the effective functioning of bodies in the area of economic competition protection. It is suggested to take a step to the systematization and codification of competition legislation by adopting the Competition Code of Ukraine and the Competition Procedural Code of Ukraine. It would have significantly expanded the content of substantive
procedural competition law.
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Abstract. The article is devoted to the problem of achieving economic competition in the process of establish an effective market environment, the development and implementation of rules of fair behavior of economic entities, protection against prohibited types of monopolistic activity and anti-competitive actions. Many laws and normative legal acts in this area do not create the necessary regime of normal market environment functioning. An urgent need to systematize acts of competition legislation and to review the mechanism of influence and effectiveness of practical application arises, in particular, the termination of numerous offenses in this area.


Legal enforcement of economic competition, antimonopoly and competition state’s policy, competition legislation, protection of economic competition, protection against unfair competition.


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