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, professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77

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Economic theory;

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Authors have considered the main contradiction of modernity between globalization, which develops at the expense of information and financial technologies, and localization of material and labour resources being unable to move in space at the speed of information and financial flows. Authors have disclosed understanding of space-time integrity and regularity of processes for accomplishing urgent goals for the direct exit from the war, medium-term goals for ensuring sustainable development, and a long-term process of forming a new information and network economy should become a methodological imperative for structuring the goals for the renovation and post-war reconstruction of Ukraine’s economy. Authors have suggested to highlight a leading goal (sector) being subject to the concentration of efforts and stipulating the subordination of other goals at each stage.


globalization, localization, post-war economy, recovery, reconstructive, information and network society


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Economic Theory and Law, 2022-3_9-24


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