COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES OF ECONOMIC ENTITIES IN THE 21st CENTURY. Round-table discussion at the editorial office of the Collection of Scientific Papers “Economic Theory and Law”, 16 March 2021


, professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, Doctor of Science (Economics), docent, Professor of the Department of Economic Theory and International Economics, Ukraine, Kharkiv
, professor, Kharkiv, Svobody Sq. 4,
, professor, Kharkiv, Lenina, 9 a
, associate professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, associate professor, Ukraine, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, associate professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, associate professor, Kharkiv, Pushinska, 77
, Ph. D., (Money, finances and credit), Head of the Department Accounting and Taxation, Ukraine, Kharkiv
, associate professor, Kharkiv, Pletnovsky 5

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Scientific discussions and reviews;

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The participants have substantiated contemporary tendencies and models for ensuring the competitiveness of economic entities grounded in system innovations and forming new competitive advantages in various industries under modern digital transformations.
The participants have disclosed socio-economic effects of innovation clusters, competitive advantages of the IT industry in Ukraine, small business, insurance, providing the quality of labour force, and enterprises’ competitiveness security. The participants have substantiated the influence of quality of institutions, corporate culture, and ethics on competitiveness of economic entities. The participants have revealed the role of consulting in innovative changes of competitive advantages of business, new characteristics of competitive consulting, and customer centricity of business consulting as the basis for its competitiveness.


digitalization of the economy and business, global competitiveness, system innovations, competitive advantages, innovation clusters, IT industry, transformations of competitive advantages of the small business, insurance companies, labour force quality, competitiveness security, quality of institutions, corporate culture and ethics, innovative development consulting, competitive strategy consulting, customer centricity of business consulting.


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