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Problem setting. The conditions of economic instability, which is inherent in the modern period of development of the national economy, innovation and, accordingly, investments are of particular importance. The history of the world economy has many examples of the elimination of macroeconomic system from a state of crisis through innovation. Despite this, in these conditions the functioning of the national economy, this approach to economic stabilization and recovery in the future, its dynamics must be considered one of the most productive. Based on innovation, subject to the target investment, possible short-term and long-term positive changes in Ukraine look very realistic and, on the contrary, neglecting this can become a challenge of national economic system and create a direct threat to not only the economy in the form of regression, but of social life in General.
Recent research and publications analysis. Despite the fact that innovation and finance are factors of potentiation of economic growth in conditions of complicated political and economic situation in Ukraine, this problem is actively studied by national scientists.
Paper objective. Variable to develop a forecast of economic development of Ukraine and to estimate the probability of a positive / negative changes in the economy depending on the degree of use of innovative and investment potential.
Paper main body. Innovation and investment in them is, undoubtedly, the most reliable strategic solution for the development of any modern macroeconomic system. Challenging contemporary political and economic period for the development of Ukraine does not allow us to determine the vector of future trends, but undeniable is the fact that its direction will depend on the efficiency of innovative and investment potential. To determine the prospects of the Ukrainian economy we offer three versions of the forecast:
1) the first option assumes that the development of events in Ukraine will happen with the trend, which manifested itself as of 2014 was negative;
2) the second option provides that the government of Ukraine will apply measures of a General regulatory impact, which will result in the termination of the fall of GDP;
3) the third option includes the possibility of compensatory actions of the state to eliminate the actions of those factors that negatively affect innovation and investment development potential, and therefore contribute to the negative dynamics of GDP.
Conclusions of the research. Innovation and investment factors of development of national economic system in the conditions of difficult political and economic period of its functioning is the decisive driving force of output macroeconomic system from a state of instability. The analysis carried out on the basis of determination of factor dependencies between the components of innovative and investment potential of Ukraine and of the GDP has provided the concretization of the possible change in the negative trend of the national economy, which was triggered by the events that occurred in Ukraine at the turn of 2013-2014. Such analysis allowed to identify three options for national macroeconomic dynamics, to determine the degree of backwardness of the Ukrainian economy from European trends and conditions of the gap, based on the use of the reserves of the existing innovation and investment potential of economic development of Ukraine.
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Abstract. Innovative and investment factors of the development of the national economy as driving force of the removing economy from the status of instability were investigated. The method of short-term forecast of GDP of Ukraine taking into account influence of innovative and investment factors was developed. Comparison of economic development of Ukraine and Poland was made.


innovations, investments, potential, economic development.


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